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Beautiful Sister,

If you have found this page, I have no doubt that you are a woman who is being “called” to step forward into sacred feminine leadership.

You have a deep inner knowing that, at your core, you are a priestess, an ascension pioneer, a medicine woman or a midwife for the new emerging paradigm. 

The “call” is one that you can either answer or ignore.

It is a call live authentically.  To stand in your truth.  To speak from your heart.  To share your gifts.  And to walk in the world as a sovereign being, helping others remember who they are.  Your mission is that you carry the divine spark and you are meant to awaken others.  

You are meant to RISE and you know the time is now.  

To awaken our sovereign power is a process.  It is the great work of our time.  It’s work that happens at the deepest level within your own heart, womb, psyche and soul.  If you are struggling it might feel like this:

  • You know you are meant to do more with your life but you have no idea what that means or how to move forward.  You feel stuck!
  • You know you have great potential but it feels like it’s going to waste.
  • You are repeating patterns of procrastination and self-sabotage.
  • You experience high levels of fear when it comes to being visible.

If you are ready to move past these obstacles by taking the next inspiring step, I can help you!  I’ve been where you are.  I know how painful it is.  The thing that finally helped me break free of my fear was getting the support of a mentor and immersing myself in sister community.  If you are called to explore priestess-mentorship or would like to find out about my 13moon sister-hood initiation program, read on!

I offer one on one personal Priestess Path mentorship, in-person sacred circles and sisterhood retreats and virtual priestess programs.

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MarinM18 Bach-Antonson, is a priestess, coach, catalyst and energetic midwife for the new feminine paradigm.  She is also a matrix re-imprinting practitioner, Theta Healer, mentor and womb-keeper for women on the “remembrance path”.  She has over 20 years experience facilitating ritual, rites of passage and feminine soul-initiation work.

She herself is a graduate of the Woman Spirit Rising Apprentice Program and the 13 Moon Mystery School. Currently, she mentors with Kaia Ra and is a initiate  of the Sophia Code Curriculum.  She has woven years of experience to create the Priestess Rising Initiation Programs, which are now enrolling ~  visit:

Matrix Re-Imprinting

Our beliefs create the foundation for our life.  Deep down, most women have crushing negative beliefs about themselves that CAN be changed and re-imprinted.   I can help you with this.  Ultimately, you are the only thing in your way and once you know that, transformation is possible.  Imagine not believing that you are “flawed” or “not enough” or “worthless”.  I’ll help you clear your limiting beliefs at the root.  This deeply feminine, one on one work, helps you move through fear, grief, past life trauma and ancestral conditioning to the source of your love within.

Womb Healing

The womb is not a place to store pain and shame.  It is the active core of your feminine power to create and give birth to your visions.  Heal the womb to unblock your creative power.  I offer personal womb healing sessions and womb activation circles.

The Priestess Rising Initiation Program

This year long,  deep dive program is my signature offering for women who seek to live out loud, on purpose and as the truth of who they are. If you are meant to be “midwife” for awakening feminine, visit – – to find out more.  next cycle begins Jan 2020.

Join the Sisterhood!

You’ll get womb wisdom, abundance rituals and tips for rising up and starting YOUR revolution!